Classical Sardinia

6 days/5 nights

From only £679pp


6 days/5 nights From only £679pp

A cultural melting pot of Etrurians, Greeks (Aegean Ozieri), Phoenicians, Iberians, Beaker people, Germanic vandals, Romans and Byzantines, the stupendous Megalithic Nuragic civilisation has often been compared to its contemporaries, the Mycenaeans.

What's included in the trip?

  • Return scheduled/‘no frills’ flights
  • Accommodation on a half board basis
  • Max 4 bedded rooms for students
  • Single/twin rooms for leaders
  • Free itinerary planning and visits booking service
  • Comprehensive travel pack
  • 1:10 leader place ratio

Sample itinerary

  • Day 1

    Morning flight. Coach transfer to Alghero old town for a walking tour after visiting Nuraghe Palmavera and Anghelu Ruju. Palmavera, the most important of the Nuragic sites, consists of a palace, corbelled tower and cluster of huts including Capanna delle Riunioni, the elders’ meeting place. Anghelu Ruju consists of 37 underground tombs, many decorated with bull horn symbols. Archaeological finds are displayed in nearby Sella & Mosca Vineyard! Hotel Alghero, evening meal.

  • Day 2

    Beautiful Monte d’Accoddi Santa Cristina remains an enigma. Altar, temple, step pyramid? Certainly a sacrificial area with gender designated zones. The site of Tharros slopes gently down to the sea boasting a plethora of Punic and Roman temples, housing and thermae. Hotel Oristano, evening meal.

  • Day 3

    Famous for equestrian festivals and flamingos, mediaeval Oristano is home to the wonderful Antiquarium Arborense Museum Hypogeum. The Nuragic settlement of Su Nuraxi di Barumini looms above the plain rivalling the Mycenaeans in construction. Sa Domu e s’Orcu tomb is located above the plains. Hotel Cagliari, evening meal.

  • Day 4

    Caracallan Antas Temple is a marvellous amalgamation of Roman and Punic construction reminiscent of Peloponnesian Bassae. Nearby Roman quarries and Su Mannau Grotto are of archaeological and speleological interest. visits to Monte Sirai and Sant’Antioco will satisfy the gruesome with Punic Tophet and evidence of child sacrifice. Hotel Sant’Antioco, evening meal.

  • Day 5

    Sant’Antioco village hypogeum (and nearby Tophet) is a warren of Punic chamber tombs. The tombs of Montessu necropolis are set amongst fields of asphodel in a commanding position above a verdant plain. Romano Punic Nora is a sprawling seaside settlement complete with temples, housing, theatre and cloaca maxima. Hotel Cagliari, evening meal.

  • Day 6

    Cagliari is a city of huge contrasts; winding mediaeval streets, Atilia Pomptilla Tomb, Necropolis of Park Bonaria, underground Roman city excavations, 8km of white sand at Poetto Beach, botanical gardens and pink flamingos of Lake Molentargius. The archaeological museum on Buoncammino Hill is the perfect end to a Sardinian tour as its exhibits perfectly encompass all that has gone before. Coach transfer to the airport for flight to the UK.


Enhance your trip

  • Home to ilex groves, cave dwellings and waterfalls.
  • Multi faith and multi century place of worship and spectacular Roman wall paintings of Herakles, gladiators, ships, chariots and wild animals.
  • Located at a beautiful ‘fairie’ glade.
  • Located at at the historic village of Fordongianus.