1. Trips
    1. Classical Crete
    2. Rome Art and Design
    3. Paris Art and Design
    4. New York Art and Design
    5. Madrid Art and Design
    6. London Art and Design
    7. Cornwall Art and Design
    8. Amsterdam Art and Design
    9. Prague Design and Technology
    10. Paris Languages and Cultural Studies
    11. London Geography and Earth Sciences
    12. London Business Studies
    13. Brussels Business Studies
    14. Shakespeare’s London Media and Performing Arts
    15. Barcelona Business Studies
    16. Dublin and Londonderry Business and Politics Studies
    17. Prague Business and Politics Studies
    18. Barcelona and Catalonia Geography and Earth Sciences
    19. Iceland Geography and Earth Sciences
    20. Morocco Geography and Earth Sciences
    21. South West Geography and Earth Sciences
    22. West Coast USA Geography and Earth Sciences
    23. Berlin Languages and Cultural Studies
    24. New York Media and Performing Arts
    25. Budapest Design and Technology
    26. Berlin Architecture and Urban Planning
    27. Chicago Architecture and Urban Planning
    28. Bologna Design and Technology
    29. Brussels and Strasbourg Business and Politics
    30. Brussels Design and Technology
    31. Vienna Language and Culture Studies
    32. Venice and Florence Art and Design
    33. Valencia Language and Culture Studies
    34. Tokyo Languages and Cultural Studies
    35. Tokyo Architecture and Urban Planning
    36. The Industrial North Architecture and Urban Planning
    37. The Golden West USA Cultural Tour
    38. Stuttgart Design and Technology
    39. Stratford Shakespeare Performing Arts
    40. Salamanca Languages and Culture Studies
    41. Rome Languages and Cultural Studies
    42. Reykjavik Hair and Beauty
    43. Prague Architecture and Urban Planning
    44. Paris and Disneyland Resort Cultural Tour
    45. Nice Languages and Cultural Studies
    46. New York Performing Arts
    47. New York Fashion and Textiles
    48. New York Film and Media Studies
    49. New York Design and Technology
    50. New York Architecture and Urban Planning
    51. Munich Language and Culture Studies
    52. Munich Design and Technology
    53. Madrid Languages and Cultural Studies
    54. Lyon Languages and Culture Studies
    55. Los Angeles Film and Media
    56. Lisbon Languages and Cultural Studies
    57. LA and Las Vegas Leisure and Tourism
    58. Liverpool Art and Design
    59. London and Bath Spa Beauty Tour
    60. Glasgow Architecture and Urban Planning
    61. Venice Art and Design
    62. Croatia Edge of an Empire
    63. Classical Italy
    64. Classical Sicily
    65. Roman Provence
    66. Classical Greece
    67. Classical Turkey
    68. Greek Drama
    69. Heritage Istanbul
    70. Crime and Punishment History Projects
    71. Roman Northern France
    72. Roman Britain
    73. Classical Romania
    74. WWII Landing Beaches
    75. Political History and Civil Rights DC and New York
    76. Understanding the Holocaust Berlin and Krakow
    77. The Blitz and the Home Front London
    78. Revolutionary Russia
    79. Life in the Trenches a Living History Experience
    80. The Nazis and the Final Solution Krakow and Auschwitz
    81. French Revolution History Projects
    82. London and Paris Fashion Design and Technology
    83. Classical Russia
    84. Classical Sardinia
    85. Imperial Rome
    86. Life in the Roman Empire
    87. Roman London
    88. Roman Northern England
    89. Roman Southern England
    90. Greek Religious Sites and architecture
    91. Berlin under Hitler’s Rule
    92. Cold War Berlin
    93. Elizabeth I History Projects
    94. In the Footsteps of Anne Frank
    95. Medicine through Time History Projects
    96. Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo History Projects
    97. Operation Dynamo
    98. Stalin and The Cold War
    99. Terror Raids on Britain
    100. The American Civil War DC and Pennsylvania
    101. The Christmas Truce
    102. The Cold War in Poland
    103. The British Empire and Slavery History Projects
    104. The Fall of Communism Poland
    105. The Holocaust in the Former Czechoslovakia
    106. The Norman Conquest
    107. The Nazi Rise to Power Munich and Nuremberg
    108. The Tudors History Projects
    109. Third Reich Uncovered Nuremberg, Prague, Krakow and Berlin
    110. Totalitarian Italy
    111. WWI Poets of the Somme
    112. WWI Battlefield sites
    113. Amsterdam Architecture & Urban Planning
    114. The Netherlands Geography and Earth Sciences
    115. Barcelona and Costa Brava Cultural Tour
    116. Barcelona Architecture and Urban Planning
    117. Dubai Cultural Tour
    118. Berlin Film & Media
    119. Boulogne-Sur-Mer Languages and Cultural Studies
    120. CERN Geneva Science and Technology
    121. Champagne Region Cultural Tour
    122. India Cultural Tour
    123. Istanbul Art and Design
    124. Istanbul Cultural Tour
    125. Japan Cultural Tour
    126. Milan Hair, Beauty and Fashion
    127. New York Business Studies
    128. New York Leisure and Tourism
    129. Orlando Cultural Tour
    130. Florida Science and Technology
    131. Sardinia Cultural Tour
    132. Sicily Cultural Tour
    133. Sorrento and Naples Geography and Earth Sciences
    134. Sorrento and Bay of Naples Cultural Tour
    135. Tuscany Cultural Tour
    136. Venice Cultural Tour
    137. Fukuoka City Languages and Cultural Studies
    138. Rhineland Languages and Cultural Studies
    139. St Petersburg Languages and Cultural Studies
    140. London and Paris Hair and Beauty
    141. Explore the East Coast Travel and Hospitality
    142. South of France Geography and Earth Sciences
    143. Berlin Art and Design
    144. Marrakech Art and Design
    145. Shanghai Hair Beauty and Fashion
    146. Vietnam Cultural Tour
    147. Istanbul Hair, Beauty and Fashion
    148. Barcelona Art and Design
    149. Barcelona Languages and Cultural Studies
    150. Naples and Pompeii Archeology and Classical Studies
    151. Disneyland Paris Design and Technology
    152. Paris and Disney Magic Music Days
    153. Disneyland Performing Arts
    154. Bologna Science and Technology
    155. LA and Hollywood
    156. Sicily Geography and Earth Sciences
    157. London Performing Arts
    158. London West End Experience
    159. The Origins of WWI
    160. The Changing Nature of Warfare
    161. London Film and Media
    162. Disneyland Paris & Futuroscope
    163. Prague Film and Media
    164. Greece Cultural Tour
    165. Amsterdam Business Studies
    166. Brighton Homestay Cultural Tour
    167. London Homestay Cultural Tour
    168. London Residence Cultural Tour
    169. Oxford Homestay Cultural Tour
    170. Paris Cultural Tour
    171. UK Cultural Tour
    172. Berlin Cultural Tour
    173. Edinburgh Cultural Tour
    174. London Science and Technology
    175. Rome Classics
    176. Cologne Languages and Cultural Studies
    177. Barcelona Business
    178. Geneva Employability Tour
    179. UK Business Tour
    180. Europe History Tour
    181. Madrid
    182. Paris Fashion
    183. Ireland Tour
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