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Tours Specialists

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Charlotte Hewett

Claudia Willocks

  • Subject specialisms: MFL, History, Geography
  • Destinations: Spain, South America, Iceland, Germany, France, Italy

James Goodby

  • Subject specialisms: History, Geography
  • Destinations: Iceland, Barcelona, Rome, Sorrento, Battlefields, Paris

Lauren Franks

  • Subject specialisms: Performing Arts, MFL, Art
  • Destinations: UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, New York

Clare Steele

  • Subject specialisms: History, MFL, Performing Arts
  • Destinations: Germany, Paris, Battlefields, Poland, New York

Helen Ward

Olga Borozdova

William Bradley

Sharon Griffin

  • Subject specialisms: History, Business Studies, Geography
  • Destinations: Berlin, Barcelona, Prague

John Marcinko

  • Subject specialisms: History, Performing Arts, Art & Design, Media.
  • Destinations: New York, Krakow, WW1 Battlefields, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Barcelona.