Environmental Policy

We appreciate the core of our business involves encouraging students and young people to travel long distances by air, also at the core of our business is the wish to encourage students and young people to see the world and experience it. Where possible we encourage students to travel to us by train or road but in most cases air travel is the only practical option.

We are attempting to balance this by developing a company-wide strategy which will help us to:

  • Be responsible for our business in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Create a safe, engaging and meaningful environment for staff.
  • Run programmes and services with integrity, with regular feedback to all involved, and with a core aim of continual improvement.
  • Play a part in local communities.

We are always looking for better ways to be environmentally friendly, and to develop our Corporate Social Responsibility whether through technology, saving energy or working with our staff.

Corporate responsibility

We are fully committed to corporate responsibility and support a number of projects locally, nationally and globally. Past projects have included help for the Kichwa community of Sani Isla in the Ecuadorean Amazon. The community lives in some of the most biologically diverse rainforest in the world. Access to education is made difficult by inadequate options for river crossing, and the local school itself is understaffed and under-resourced. Our sponsorship has helped provide solar panels to generate the electricity required to run the school.

We also support local and national charities through company socials and by raising money through regularly participating in sporting events.