Our travel brands

Hellene Travel is a specialist tour operator supporting classical studies. Whether your students are wanting to give a context to their studies of Ancient History, Archeology Greek or Latin or Ancient Philosophy – or to visit the Mediterranean for other reasons - we can help. We have over 30 years of experience organising these tours to students of all ages and backgrounds and to suit a variety of budgets and educational requirements. Our team is familiar with various syllabi and will be happy to discuss ways to bring these to life on the trip, but equally happy to organise trips which are of general interest.

As with all our tours we work with you right through the process – from the earliest ideas of a tour to getting you back safely – and of course, inspired by the wonderful things you will have encountered.


Bringing historical studies to life and giving students a context for classroom study is what we do. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and during that time have inspired many thousands of students to understand their studies better. Our team has developed itineraries for all kinds of groups – at whatever stage in their education and are able to discuss these with you – or to work with you to come up with a new plan. We can adapt every ingredient of a trip and have the in-house knowledge and experience to help you design the perfect one. We can also provide educational resources to work alongside and support your own materials. Choose from a virtually endless range of accommodation, meals and travel to make sure your students, their parents and your school all have the experience that will make a difference.

Studytrips is one of the largest independent and most respected educational travel companies in the UK. Since 1991 we’ve been developing innovative tours to reinforce classroom teaching. Each programme is unique and designed to meet your own requirements and budget. Whether you are a school, college or a university we have the experience to truly understand the needs of teachers and academics, administrators, students and group leaders.

Your account manager will work with you throughout the process to ensure your tour is not only safe and comfortable but also works to bring your teaching to life, inspire your students and enrich.

We also have a sub-division focused on International Students specialised in working with agents from all over the world. We design cultural trips that can tie onto an EFL course to enrich the learning experience and create a true once in a lifetime experience. Our most popular options range from a weekend extension to Europe or second UK location to a 7-day coach tour of UK or Europe, however, all our programmes are tailor-made to the client’s needs and budget. Learning Outside the Classroom is becoming increasingly popular on the international student travel scene replacing the traditional classroom-based learning. Being part of an educational travel company gives us a huge advantage as we have contacts all over the world to offer exclusive workshops and learning experiences creating programmes that are truly unique. When working with agents our focus is on delivering competitive prices, eye-opening experiences and ensuring the trip lives up to the values and reputation of both our companies.